About Gabriele Marija


Gabriele Marija’s story begins on the 24th of December 1995. Born and raised in Lithuania, Gabriele is now residing and studying law in the United Kingdom. She’s is known as an aspiring writer, amateur photographer, a self-taught illustrator, history enthusiast, and an occasional musician. gabrielemarija.com was created in May 2015, when Gabriele needed a place to share photos from adventures around the world with friends and family.

Throughout the years, gabrielemarija.com grew to be a platform to share creative thoughts, explore conscious living, record life progress and artistic discoveries. Gabriele Marija warmly invites you to join her on this creative journey.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. For all enquiries please email: contact@gabrielemarija.com

Illustration by Lexie.


Q: Anything else I should know?

All content on this website is created by Gabriele Marija unless stated otherwise. Repost or reproduction without written permission is prohibited.

Q: What apps are being used to edit photos?

A: VSCO or Adobe Lightroom.

Q: What is the policy on paid content?

Firsty, ‘Thank You‘ to every brand or business who has reached out or considers reaching out. To avoid this blog / @gabrielemarija Instagram becoming an advertising catalogue, in the past all offers to promote items have been declined with a few exceptions. Gifted items are only accepted and reviewed if it is something that is genuinely need. Strictly no payment will be accepted / no review will be posted with a direct brand input or use of specific wording attached. It will be clearly stated if the featured item has been gifted. No affiliated links.

Any other questions, please feel free to email contact@gabrielemarija.com or use this contact form.