In this post you’ll find photos of camels, volcanos, rooftop ninja dog and so much more! I feel like I’m completely wasting my life if I don’t see as much as possible of a place I’m visiting. For our second day in Lanzarote we rented bikes and explored beautiful coastline around Puerto del Carmen. For future reference – bikes are not suitable for this, lots of stairs and rocks. I will make a separate post for photos of the coastline later.

Today we took Grand Bus Tour around the island. Once again, I decided to post unedited versions of all the pictures, apologies if it will take some time for page to load.

We started our morning at Dosmil Market Cafe.


Spanish people know how to make decent coffee and their churros are out of this world.

First stop was El Golfo. “Known as the emerald lake, this is where the volcanic eruptions caused a huge crater which filled back up with seawater and turned an incredible emerald green colour.” (x)




According to this creature – everybody needs a typical tourist photo.


Thanks to the sun it was pretty difficult to capture how green the lake really was, but I hope you’ll get the idea by looking at all the pictures.




Second stop was camels! This may come as no surprise to people that know me – yes I got really exited about seeing them outside zoo for the first time. As most of the people took a camel ride I decided to skip on this one as I hate seeing animals being used for things like this. The camels work in shifts and teams and are very well looked after, but still, they looked quite sad with all the chains and muzzles around.



Camel parking lot.


Stop 4 – Timanfaya National Park, Fire mountain. “At the centre of the fire mountain you can see the geothermal experiments. Watch in amazement as they throw hay and straw into a crater hole and it bursts into flames due to the intense heat. Stand back and gasp as they pour water down smaller holes and it boils instantly and shoots into the air with a bang.” (x) I took some videos here, I may upload them on Instagram later.

Stop 5 – Timanfaya National Park “See the breathtaking colors and shades of the rocks, take in the sulfur smells and imagine the time where the volcano erupted, be fascinated by some interesting information about the whole event as told by your very informative guide.” (x)



I’m not going to post any more photos from National Park as I was too busy looking around to take some and it’s just worthless as camera can’t convey that feeling. We also managed to participate in some wine tasting, in the wine (obviously) region of La Geria.



Everything is white or light colours.


Next stop – buffet style lunch in the quaint village of Macher Blanca.


If you’ll ever have a chance – try Spanish potatoes and this green source. If you’ll get addicted don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Lots of vegetarian options to choose from and delicious food.

The penultimate stop was the North in the Valley of the thousand palms and the village of Haria.





Last stop was basically why I wanted to visit Lanzarote at first place – Jameos Del Aqua. According to (x) it’s the impressive work by César Manrique, home to the white albino crabs which live in the natural pools. You are allowed to take a walk through a huge cave which is used for concerts due to the incredible acoustics. There’s the stunning pool, designed especially for the King of Spain by César Manrique himself.






Cortado leche leche – absolute addiction, they cost only 1-2€ here.



And as promised – rooftop ninja dog. (I have no idea how he got there, but owners of the place were fine with that)


Feels like heaven on earth, right?

More photos coming soon. Keep an eye on my instagram.

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