I have been quiet on here lately. You would think it was because I had nothing to say or show but it was the opposite. These last few months, my mind constantly felt like a rushing river filled with endless thoughts, new realizations, and ideas. Normally, I would happily start my morning by writing all of them down in a notebook or on my laptop but I think I simply needed time to process and re-discover certain things.

Is autumn cleaning a thing? You might have noticed that the new website design is finally up and running. Life painted my 2019 in short but sweet, complicated yet sincere tones. I started a new chapter of my existence (sounds a bit dramatic but you get the point) and naturally, I wanted for that change to reflect on here. It took me only 7+ months to decide how I want my internet brain to look. I hope you like it. I certainly do and I finally feel like I have found my colour palette. Chocolate brown, recycled gold, earthy green, midnight blue. I used to avoid dark tones thinking they only go well with negativity. Well, only if you let them!

What else is new? You might have noticed a ‘bookshelf’ and a ‘poetry’ tabs on the main menu. 2019 reminded me how much I love writing. Yes, I love it yet I never share anything. I made myself a promise to create at least one post per month. There are so many topics I want to cover and so many things I have to learn. I used to focus a lot on myself and my point of view, it was something I needed at a time. Now I have reached a point where I want to bring an outside world here too. You will see what I mean, prepare to see mistakes and growth.

The purpose of this post was simply to mark a new chapter so I shall keep it short. That is all for now. As always, if you have any feedback/comments etc please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Watch this space!

Dear Gabriele Marija,

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