It’s been 84 years since last time I wrote something on here and I owe you an explanation. As you can probably tell from my Instagram, I’ve been exploring different styles trying to decide what direction I want to take this blog to, what kind of posts I want to make and whether or not to keep sharing my adventures with everyone who knows how to read.

And you know what? I want to! Having a blog helps me to gather my thoughts, keep a track on how my individual style develops and changes. And seeing that there are people who follow my journey (visitor count just hit 4k, thank you!) inspires and motivates me.

Thank You!

Yesterday we had a beautiful snow day here in Leicester and if you know me, you know that proper winter tends to end my creative hibernation. Starting today, I will aim to bring more colours​ to this space. Expect photo editing tips, regular updates of places I visit, random stories, literature reviews and more. Talk to you soon!

☾ Gabriele Marija

Dear Gabriele Marija,

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